OQL UNION statement causes nullpointer exception

Hi, I've created a OQL statement in Mx 4.7.2 with an UNION clause in it. Execution of the statement is returning a nullpointer exception. I've simplified the query but still get errors (see below). Am I missing the point or is it a bug? Regards, Rolf FROM VergunningModule.Vergunningsoort AS VergunningSoortObj1 SELECT VergunningSoortObj1/Naam AS VergunningSoort UNION ALL FROM VergunningModule.Vergunningsoort AS VergunningSoortObj2 SELECT VergunningSoortObj2/Naam AS VergunningSoort
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What database system are you using and what does your domain model look like exactly?

I have also investigated your support request on this matter, and both the query mentioned there and this (simpler) one execute fine on my local PostgreSQL installation. However, I have used a very simple model based on your queries, without any inheritance, and an (almost) empty database. I suspect the exception is either caused by inheritance or corrupt data being returned from the DB.

Please send us a complete test case including database in our support system. I will update this answer with the final solution when we find it.