Mx5 opening a page from a microflow

I have converted a project from 4.5.0 -> 5.1.1 -> 5.2.0 I'm creating new pages and microflows. In the microflow a new page is opened in content. The microflow is executed properly, but in firebug an error occurs and no page is visible. TypeError: _30b is null .cache["dijit/_WidgetBase"]/</<.disconnect()mxui.js (line 30) .suspended()mxui.js (line 2439) .cache["mxui/widget/_Widget"]/</<.suspend()mxui.js (line 30) ....ype.destroy=function(_ad6){if(!this._destroyed){this._beingDestroyed=true;this.u... I've cleared the browser cache. Set the security on "Prototype". All custom widgets are removed from the page. Have someone an idea or workaround to get this issue working?
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