Debug Java Code: mendix modeler 4.5.0

Hi, I am able to debug the microflows successfully by keeping the server on debug mode and copying the key from ther to my modeler..Alll good. Now I would like to keep a break point in my java code and see few variable? How can I do that? how a code opened in eclipse will listen to a debugging session started in mendix modeler? Please help
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Hi Ganesh,

You can also from modeler do deploy for eclipse. This will make your project eclipse ready, which means only you need to import your project into eclipse workspace.

Once import is finished, then you will find one "<yourprojectname>.launch" file.

And voila... just right click on that file and run as java application.

Hope this helps.



You can run/debug the application directly from eclipse, just make sure that the Main class points to: com.mendix.m2ee.server.HttpAdminAppContainer in the run configuration. This should start a Mendix Console.