Formloader, doesnt take its container into account?

Hi all, I have an issue with the formloader for mendix 4.7.2 which can be a design principle of the formloader but still the question remains. I have read the following thread about the same problem, but because this is an older post, maybe today this problem is solved? Here is the thread with exact the same question, but no answer I have 1 form which I would like to use in two ways 1. Editable 2. Non-editable. This seems to be perfect for the functionality of the formloader because you can put the formloader in the above container (entity) and set the first container editable and the second container non-editable. The result is non the less not as a predicted, because both forms can be adjusted. Can the formloader listen to its container to understand if it needs to be editable or not? Or can this be tweaked?
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The formloader right now does not take any of those options into effect. It only loads the page and attaches the context of the parent object. You would need a feature request to add this.