Use Schema Bug? loading full objects for drop down

(Mx5.2) In a Data View there is a option to select 'Use Schema'. So that the client will only retrieve the relevant attributes of an object, hence saving time in loading the form. Only this does not apply for the attributes of the 'reference set selector'. The selector loads all of its attributes and relations of the objects that are shown in the drop down. This is shown in the network analysis of Chome DevTools. Looking at the documentation this is not as we expect. Is this a bug? I know, there is a workaround: the 'lazy reference selector' will solve this problem too. Just like to know if I need to raise a ticket for this. Documentation USE SCHEMA : This defines whether only the required attributes and associations for the object(s) are retrieved. This can sometimes improve your performance but it can also reduce performance because the objects can not be cached entirely. If you have custom widgets in your page and they need access to other attributes or associations, or if your next page contains other attributes or associations of the same object(s) you should not enable this. This is why the default value is false.
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