How to use a reference selector

Hi, I'm completely new to mendix and using it for a study project. I'm currently stuck on how to use a reference selector. I've tried al the available tutorials but i just don't get the solution out of it. Basicly this is what i need to accomplish. I have an customer and multiple statuses. I want an customer to be able to create a account for hisself with all his information (in the domain represented by a customer entity with all the necessary information fields) and when the account is created i want a employee to get the account of this new customer in a list with the status added to the account info (this is where the reference comes in) and be able to change the status via a button with a microflow. I know how the button and microflow's work, i just don't get the reference set up. If someone could help me with this problem it would be much appreciated. I'm completely stuck on the subject. Kind regards, Peter Schakel
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There are a number of different ways to accomplish this. Simplest way is to put it on a new/edit Page (using a reference selector), and then when the page is saved, your reference will be updated. Using this method, your Employee would see a list of Customers in a Datagrid. Using an edit button pointing to the page I mentioned previously, the Employee could change the reference, save the customer and you are done.

To accomplish this via a microflow is do-able, just not as quickly and easily. Is there a reason you would like to use a microflow? You would build your microflow to accept a Customer object as a parameter and then change the Status association. You could either change the status to a certain status (which you would retrieve in a microflow action with an XPath constraint to get the correct status object), or, if your statuses have a sequence attribute, you could get the next status in sequence using a retrieve action. In either case, the way you change a reference in a microflow is via a Change Object action. In that action, you would select the reference you want to change and specify the object to change it to.

Hope that helps,