Group Digits

Hi, We have a datagrid with currency fields in it, with values varying from 0 - 30 million. The latter is just showed as 30000000 which can be a bit confusing and very easily misread. Now there's the function 'Group digits' in the modeler which, as far as I can tell, should do exactly what we want: Show the value as 30.000.000. However, when setting this option to 'Yes' nothing changes... Am I missing something, or is this thing broken. Thanks! Again.
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Yes I'm afraid this is a known issue. There is already a ticket for it and it should be fixed 'soon'.


As a workaround you could use the parseFloat() function. Create a string attribute and set it with this function parseFloat('value','##,###,###'). This transforms the currency/float in a string but it will have grouped digits. With this method you can also add a currency symbol.