Mendix 5.1.1+ prevents downloading older version apps

We have recently noticed that the newest versions of Mendix actually prevent developers from downloading appstore content that is not updated for that version of Mendix. Example: the Country Enumeration module cannot be downloaded directly into 5.1.1 because the latest version is for 4.2.1 The download button is replaced by a message stating "Module cannot be downloaded because it was created with version xxx of the modeler. Only modules created with version 5 are supported" This seems very unnecessary. This module works just fine in pretty much any version. Importing it in one of the Mendix 5 beta versions (when this was still allowed) for example, results in absolutely 0 problems. Even if there are problems, I can fix those manually. Why force users to work around this? This is not improving app store usability. I now have to import the app into an older version, export it, and then import it in the project where I actually want it. It is unnecessary. Why not just put a disclaimer that apps are not supported and use at your own peril etc.? Edit note: this applies specifically to App store content that imports a module. Not for widgets, it seems
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For simple modules your statement is true. When converting projects to Mendix 5 some migration steps are required. For example the 'java migration' wizard step. Those steps aren't executed on content you download from the appstore.

So, when downloading a complex module from the appstore, there is a big chance the module will not work in Mx5. As there is no 'complexity' differentiator attached to a module, all modules are treated the same and no download button is available in this situation. If a download butoon would be nade available, a user will be annoyed because he/she's able to download the module and it does not work.

Please contact the creator of the module to have it available for your desired version.


I am working on an update for this module with nationality according to the Dutch NEN norm. Time is the issue at the moment to finish this. But otherwise I will publish a 5 version as soon as possible to circumvent this issue.



[EDIT] As a workaround you could export the module in 4 and import it in the 5 version.