Environment Badge widget uses LicenseInformation RuntimeMode attribute

Hi, Our application uses several roles. The MxAdministrator role is the only role granted access to the System.LicenseInformation mapped role LicenseManager. The Environment Badge Widget seems to use the RuntimeMode attribute to determine the applicable environment. The attribute is part of the LicenseInformation object. This results in a situation were only for the users with an MxAdministrator role assigned, the Environment Badges are working properly. For all other users it is not working. If I temporarily change the project security role mapping so e.g. a basic user also has access to the LicenseManager role it works fine. However this is no solution since it will enable the LicenseInformation menu option for the basic role as well. Since the LicenseInformation object is part of the System module I cannot add access rules, also I cannot create a new object with the LicenseInformation as a Generalization. How to resolve this issue? Use another type of environment badge? Thanks for your assistance. Brian Workaround: In the meantime I have adjusted the widget to take a look at 1 of our own entities (new attribute storing the RuntimeMode. Using the StartUpFlow (or form) I set the new RuntimeMode field of our own entity.
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Hi Brian, we experienced the same and changed the visibility of the LicenseInformation menu item. Most of the time this option is never used and we simply changed the visibility by using a microflow instead of the default menu option.

Besides that, did you notice this one?