How to use the Lightbox widget with an association

I would like to use the lightbox widget to display product images. I have two entities, Product and ProductImage, which is a decendant of System.Image. The page starts with a template grid on product. I tried the following: Drop a Dataview Lightbox into the template grid. If I then try to select the entity, I only see the product entity in the selection popup. I then created a detail page and drop the Dataview Lightbox into the dataview, with the same result. I can create a template grid on product image inside the product template grid and it will display all product images belonging to the product, so the domain model seems OK. What do I have to change to use a lightbox with an association?
1 answers

It worked for me when

  • placing the lightbox widget directly in a dataview.
  • Select a 'reference set' association where Product would be the parent.