Mx 5 version of Grid Selector [upgraded]

There is no grids selector version for mendix 5. Hereby I share the one I upgraded Sample Project Mx5 GridSelector Widget // Change log // 1 Changed to Mx5 template // 2 Set inputs in html form element, multiple radio gridselector can work on one page (Fix) // 3 subscribe to change on the update top header display attribute // 4 subscribe to change on the left object display attribute // 5 able to update before changing the selection (Fix; initalisation of ignoreChange was missing) // 6 paging button don't show if there are no left objects (Fix) // 7 add stylesheet for GridSelector // 8 XML: change default sort order to Ascending // 9 replace all depricated function with Mx5 functions // 10 added error callback on functions that can fail // 11 consistent use of double quotes // 12 remove hard coded styling from java script. Hopefully Mendix will update this widget soon in their app store
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