Why isnt the request of a web service imported?

In the domain model in Mendix (4.5.2) there is an option to import a web service or XML file, I use this option often, but I keep running into the same issue, only the response elements of a web service are imported and mapped, not the request elements, is there are reason for this or am I doing something wrong? What I'm doing is press the 'Import web service/XML file...' button on the domain model. Select the 'Web service operation' option and press 'Next', Select the 'Create new imported web service' option and press 'Next'. Select 'File' as 'WSDL source' and provide a valid wsdl file to be loaded (I've tried URL as a source as well, and this doesn't import the request either), then press 'Next'. Select the web service operation you wish to import and press 'Next'. Use the 'Check All' button to map all elements of the response (note that the response is shown, not the request) and press 'Next'. Now a screen is shown with an option to attach images to generated entities (never done anything with it and can't imagine that this would suddenly convince Mendix to import the request as well) and an option to generate a microflow to consume the web service, this option doesn't influence the outcome either. When the 'Ok' button is pressed the web service is created in Mendix, an xml to domain mapping is created and the response enitities are generated in the domain model, no entities are created for the request however.
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Good suggestion. In an 'XML-to-domain mapping' (for the response) we have the button 'Generate Entities'.

This 'Generate entities' button is unavailable in the 'Domain-to-XML mapping' (request). We can make this functionality there as well.

The 'Import web service/XML file' button in the Domain Model is essentially a wizard that performs some steps automatically: * create web service * create response mapping + generate entities * create microflow for webservice call

Since 'Generate Entities' is not available yet in the request part, that mapping is skipped. This is somewhat asymmetrical and it would be an improvement if it is implemented there as well.

I'm sorry I can't make any promises on when we will make this, but it has our attention.