Label Selector Usage Question

I have added the Label Selector widget from the app store into my app. It works great for adding tags to a Mendix object when I create or edit that object. Now I want to provide my users with the capability to query the associated object (a file object, in my app), by clicking on a tag from a list of tags, like I can do in the forum. Any tips/pointers about how to build this functionality?
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Some pointers:

  1. Add a new function nodeClick(label, node, clickevt)
  2. Connect an onclick event to the label. Function renderLabel. Add a line

    this.connect(labelnode, 'onclick', dojo.hitch(this, this.nodeClick, labelnode, false));
  3. Handle the click in the nodeClick function. If it is a url, connect the url to the label so you can use it. If it is a microflow call, invoke the it with execMF

the hardest part is to pass the label to the Microflow. The only way I know it to create an intermediate object, set the label value in an attribute, pass it to the Microflow and delete the object. You will have to make this entity a property of the widget, otherwise you can not call a microflow with that entity.