High traffic Mendix apps

Hi community. Wondering what your thoughts are on this. From your experience or knowledge of the platform, how would a well-designed Mendix application perform under the following circumstances: Hosted in cloud (Tens of) thousands of anonymous users per day Hundreds (thousands) of logged in users at any time Continuous web service calls to and from the application Heavy database and file up/download action Assuming the app is built according to all the best practices and with performance in mind, does an application like that stand a chance and if so, what would be the dependencies, the minimum requirements to make it work?
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Hi Querijn,

It is very diffficult to predict what the actual behaviour will be. It is dependant on so many aspects. For instance is your application heavily dependant on databasecalls or has the applicationserver has to do most of the work. Mendix has an architecture which can scale very good Of course that has a limit. Mendix has a special service where they use special software to simulate the load you describe on your application. They can add application servers and databaseservers in proportion to the characteristics of the application. Hope this helps. Best regards, Herman