Microflow - Create a list from two entities

Is it possible, in a Microflow, to compose a list based on 2 (or more) entities? E.g. entities Requirement : Product = n: 1. I need a list of the sum of all requirements per product, including the product name and some other product data. So a separate object for (Product-1, Requirement-1), (Product-1, Requirement-2), (Product-2, Requirement 1), (Product-2, Requirement-3) and so on...
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Hi Gerard,

I had a similar requirement in my proof-of-concept. You could create an entity with persistable=no for this purpose, containing the product and requirement data for each combination. In the microflow you can then build a list of objects based on the entity, you commit them as any normal object but no records will be written to the database. You can then show a page with a datagrid based on the same entity or generate a document from the list so the user can get a PDF or Excel sheet with the data.