Filter on specializations in a grid using

Hi, I would like to filter objects in a grid by specialization, for instance, I have an "AbstractOrganisation" entity which has 3 specializations; Region Department Team Now I would like to show the "AbstractOrganisation" object in a GRID and only showing '1 specialization' - for instance "Region", using Xpath constraint. ( You probably wonder why not just show the specialization, but that's a long story.. something regarding generic and re-usability in listengrids). I do not want to use microflow datasource because they will restrict me in the standard filter methods Mendix has. I've tried a couple of things and searched for a similar question but I could not find it. Thanks!
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One way you could achieve this is to store in the General Entity a string representation of the specialized entity's name.

Since you can only choose the generic entity with which to display everything, you can't filter on different types of records. The "SubMetaObject" column which is stored in every Specialized Entity record, is not sortable my default in Mendix (and it's not on the generic entity).

Any other solutions besides what I first mentioned would probably be some sort of custom microflow sort. I think the easiest and most efficient, however, would be to store the name on a field of a generic entity.

Also, look into specializations more. Generally speaking, a Team is part of Department, and a Department is part of a Region (associative). Specializing all of these is kind of like saying, a cylinder is the same thing as engine, and an engine is the same thing as a car.