Model reflection question

At Daywize we allways strive to make the application adjustable by the customer. I am working now with dates where I want to able the user to select from the different date fields of an entity. With the Model reflection it is very easy to show all the datefields of a particular entity. Lets say I know the entity (MxObjectType) and I have the MxObjectMember name and thus now which datefield to use. How do I get from the MxObjectMember to the right field of the entity in a microflow? Or can this not be done? Regards, Ronald
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If I understand you correctly and you want to retrieve the value of the the attribute you selected (MxObjectMember), you could pass your current object and the MxObjectMember to a java action with :

  • A any object input parameter
  • A MxObjectMember input parameter.

You do have to specify which datatype you would like to return from the java action. In the example I used string. You need to add some type checking if you want to return other datatypes.

public class Java_action extends UserAction<String>
private IMendixObject myObject;
private IMendixObject __targetMxObjectMember;
private mxmodelreflection.proxies.MxObjectMember targetMxObjectMember;

public Java_action(IMendixObject myObject, IMendixObject targetMxObjectMember)
    this.myObject = myObject;
    this.__targetMxObjectMember = targetMxObjectMember;

public String executeAction() throws Exception
    this.targetMxObjectMember = __targetMxObjectMember == null ? null : mxmodelreflection.proxies.MxObjectMember.initialize(getContext(), __targetMxObjectMember);

    return this.myObject.getValue(getContext(), targetMxObjectMember.getAttributeName()).toString();