App Services not Mature: No empty/optional values (DateTime or Integer) allowed

Using app services to connect 2 Mendix systems, discovering it is not possible to send an empty integer or DataTime field across. And Empty string works without a problems. Sending an empty integer field results in a error: com.mendix.integration.WebserviceException: Attribute 'Integer' is not optional but mapped value 'MyFirstModule.ASAccount.MyFirstModule.ASAccount.Integer' is null Sending a empty DataTime: com.mendix.integration.WebserviceException: Attribute 'DateTime' is not optional but mapped value 'MyFirstModule.AS_Account.MyFirstModule.AS_Account.DateTime' is null Documentation on the new feature is insufficient. Is there a good solution to this issue? Answered by Mendix; "won't be fixed in the upcoming 5.3 release yet. We will work on this together with many other improvements to App Services right after that though. I would expect this to be in 5.4 (or 5.5 at the latest) " The ideas around App services are looking promising, but in this state is not mature, yet. So I would not recommend to use App services in the next 3 to 6 months.
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We recognize this problem; all fields for types in app services are set to non-optional. We will change this behavior in a next release of Mendix 5; it's in the top of our backlog. Thanks for your input!


While this might be a different issue it does apply to the appservices which is why i'll post it here.

I noticed that if use an entity within different appservice actions this entity is actually imported multiple times. E.g. I have an account entity that i use in each action as input parameter. This results in an domain model with account, account1, account2 etc.

Is this a known issue or is that intended to happen and am i doing something wrong?


To Pieter van de Braak: Be careful when upgrading to Mx5.2 when it comes to app services.

I just logged a ticket [100455] ; that might affect your work too:

When using AppServices in 5.1 we can return list of objects (Releases) that are related to list of Objects (Projects)

After converting it to Mx5.2 The relational objects (Projects) are not showin in the Model, while the app services has not changed. See screenshot.