Expiring sessions of anonymous users

Basically the problem I have is that we have an application that is white labelled. When you access the application under /link/mendix it will be branded mendix and also retrieve the distributor Mendix. This deeplink is then set as the homepage for this user. So if they refresh the page the application will be distributed correctly. Our problem occurs if the user decides to put their laptop in hibernate mode. If they for instance close the lid or put the computer to sleep. The session for the anonymous user will time out because the browser isn't currently open. However when the user will turn on their computer and access the old webpage mendix will refresh the page and create a new session. This session no longer has the deeplink associated with it so therefore the deeplink isn't run. When this happens the default distributor will be picked up instead of the mendix distribution. This will lead to incorrect commission payments, because it will register the customer as coming from somewhere they didn't What I am wondering is it possible to set the anonymous user sessions to never expire? Or has anyone else come across this sort of issue? Currently the only way i can see it working is by setting an additional cookie? Regards Simon
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I would not try to fix this with workarounds but try to make your application robust against directly going to the application rather than by a deeplink. Can't you always use that deeplink microflow as a homepage for that userrole and just create some logic in there to see if certain logic has to be executed?