Problems Accessing Team Server

Hi, I've got a strange problem with the setup on my work machine. Whenever I try to check in or retreive code from the team server on 4.5.2 or 4.7.2 it fails with: It appears that you do not have access to the Team Server for this project. I then get a blank error message box. However, if I use version 4.4.4 it works ok. In addition if I use 4.5.2 or 4.7.2 from my home machine it works fine with the same user. Has anyone experienced similar issues? If so did you resolve them. It seems to point at a configuration issue but we have checked firewalls etc and they are set to let any inbound or outbound trafic... Thanks, James Prince
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It turned out that the issue was caused by logging into the Modeller with a mixed case username. Support changed my ID on all setting to lowercase and all is working fine now.