Object not returning from webservices

Whenever I want to return an object and sometimes even when i want to submit an object, Nothing comes trough. With normal variables, like integers or even enums it works great. But with objects it doesn't. I'm sure that i have the right rights set. Both persistable and non persistable are not working except for one time. I have set all access rules to the entity to full read and full write, and the ability to create and destroy objects. in the ws-doc just appears this: <soap:Body> <tns:VoegNieuwLidToeResponse> <Result/> </tns:VoegNieuwLidToeResponse> </soap:Body> where <Result/> should be: <soap:Body> <tns:VoegNieuwLidToeResponse> <Result> <Feedback>exampleString</Feedback> <new_id>integer</new_id> </Result> </tns:VoegNieuwLidToeResponse> </soap:Body>
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I didn't notice the button edit next to the return value in the webservice panel. So i forgot to tell which attributes to return. Thanks to Stephan Numan to remind me.