XML Import

I have followed the XML import information that I have been able to find on the site, but it is incomplete. It refers to creating an XML Document. I have followed the steps for creating a document but the XML Document that is referred to in the documentation isn't visible to reference from the microflow. So my question is... If I have the XSD and corresponding XML, how do I create an "XML Document" in Mendix? If I right click and select Add->Document, I get a list of options - none of which correspond with what I am wanting.
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Choose Add and select the XML schema. There you can import your XSD scheme. Now you only have to create a XML to Domain mapping and you are done.




What Ronald said -> Add the XML Schema.

If you want to "Create an XML Document", however, you need a Domain to XML mapping. Then, in a Microflow, you can use the Export XML action. In this action, you can are given the option to store the output in either a variable or a FileDocument.

The latter is what it seems you are referring to. Once the XML is stored on the FileDocument, you now have your XML doc.