Does Mendix support Bluetooth functionality?

Hi everyone, I am planning to use Mendix for developing my app, which needs Bluetooth connectivity. Does Mendix support Bluetooth connectivity? I went through few docs but failed to find anything related to Bluetooth. Thanks in advance, Prachi Tyagi
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Hi Prachi,

The short answer is: No, we don't provide something like that out of the box.

The long answer is: You could use Bluetooth connectivity through widgets. One of our widgets, EstimoteBeacons, uses the Bluetooth API to connect to Bluetooth beacons. This was used in Mendix World and will be published by mendix as well. Right now a preview version can be found on my Github. This leverages the API's that can be used in Phonegap.

I'm not sure if there are any other developers working on widgets that use Bluetooth. Right now there is nothing in the AppStore


it can be connected and get data from bluetooth device via mendix widget using cordova plugin bluetooth serial version 0.4.7.

i have share to appstore name BluetoothConnectMobile or you can get the code from this and build the widget via gulp build command.


result of connect data should look like this