What is minumum hardware requirement to work mendix 6 modeler

We are facing issue while running build using mendix 6 modeler and its showing memory error as insufficient/out of memory. I have 3GB RAM and 32bit OS. Can you suggest what could be the issue or what is the minimum configuration require for mendix-6 modeler
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I think your problem is not Mx6 but how big your model has become. If your model size becomes bigger you will be needing more memory to create deployment packages etc. How big is your current model? And working in 32 bit does also not help. This way you probably always run into problems when your model gets in the 150 MB plus range.




Hi Bhupesh,

The system requirements page doesn't specifically tell you how much memory you need or any other requirements.

I personally worked on some pretty large applications my personal minimum requirements are:

  • 8gb of RAM
  • Intel I5 or I7 (or AMD equivalent)
  • SSD (speeds up deployment a lot)
  • Full HD resolution or higher (more of a nice to have but I hate scrolling)

My current laptop has 16gb of RAM a blazing fast SSD and an Intel I7 it saves me a lot of time and I haven't run into any memory issues.

And one thing to keep in mind if you go over 3gb of RAM you must use a 64-bit operating system since the 32-bit RAM limit is about 3.7gb.

Hope this helps, Mitchel


Thank you all for your comments.


Hi Bhupesh, have a look on this page to see the system requirements.