App Module appears as marketplace module only

Hi, we have a dedicated Mendix App containing generic 'common' type modules we intend to reuse in other Apps. This app 'modules for apps' was migrated to Studio 10 and somehow we achieved the feat that the modules do not appear as Modules below the App view but are only displayed as Marketplace modules. We can still change the modules in the section of 'Marketplace modules' and generate another module package to be uploaded to the marketplace but we consider this as a bad practice (?). Is it possible to have the modules back as regular modules in the App? Is there any setting within the module?   Thank you Stefan
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Are they available in the Marketplace?

Did they move to the marketplace section when migrated to 10.x?


'Marketplace'  is an internal flag that you can try to change with the model SDK setFromAppStore(false)




Hi Chris,


- yes they are in the Marketplace (private module)

- not sure, as my colleague did the migration and came to me after the fact.


I need to understand how to use this model SDK, Can I modify my local modules with that as well? I understand that the API connects to the repository. Means I will try to set the flag in the repo and then check out again?


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