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Hello!!   I have already customized the login.html page for a normal authentication and I want to add a button SSO with Siemens AZURE AD, after finishing the configuration, in the explanation below it says to replace document.cookie = "originURI=/login.html" with document.cookie = "originURI=/oauth/v2/login", while I'm working with login.html for the normal authentication, I thought about adding a button in lign.html called SSO that will go to index.html and them in index replace document.cookie, is it the correct way to proceed? Thanks in advance. 
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If you want default flow to use SSO without a click, then indeed change the script to set the cookie to /oauth... You can use the 'manual' login (for as administator) by navigating to login.html yourself.

If you want the users to click the button 'login with SSO', you can keep the script to set the cookie to login.html and just place a button which redirects to /oauth...

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            document.cookie = "originURI=/login.html" + (window.location.protocol === "https:" ? ";SameSite=None;Secure" : "");