Is it possible to parse JSON object offline? Native Mobile

I’m developing a Native Mobile App. Currently in the app, the mobile phone will scan a barcode, and get a JSON object string. The JSON object string now is parsed by the microflow component “import mapping”, which will do the parse process on the server. But in some situation, the mobile phone will be take to a place where has no network. Is it possible to parse the JSON object offline, in the native mobile app?
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Hello Yin Shen,

You can create javascript action to parse the JSON to object and call it from nanoflow.


Hi Yin, 


I believe that we won’t be able to parse JSON Object offline as it needs to be mapped and then do the parse process on the server. 


It seems that you might need network. You can store JSON as a String locally in one the helper entity and once the network is active you can parse it using sub-microflow accordingly. 


Please let me know if you need any assistance on it.