Seeking fellow Teamcenter people who have done or want to do Mendix apps with TC.

Hi, I  am looking for the like minded folks who’ve done it already, are just starting out or are thinking about it. I’m a Teamcenter implementation consultant for Siemens, and I am about to start looking at Mendix, starting from the very start with installing what I need and going from there.    I’ve read the reviews on the Teamcenter Connector, of the 5700+ downloads, 24 people had something to say, some struggled some were happy, quite a mixed bag. The documentation got some shots fired at it, I’ve not started on that yet!   So to my question: Is anyone aware of a Bulk Uploader App being developed that can do bulk uploads of data into Teamcenter? Any version of TC is fine, it’s the method used I’m more interested in.
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Hi. I’ve done a fair bit with Teamcenter from Mendix, including a couple of uploader apps. The main challenge is understanding Teamcenter, Mendix is fairly easy in comparison.

Get in touch and we can go through some things and I can answer your questions if you like