Adding new Entity + link to an entity via Text box

Hi, I have a parent entity which has 1-* Entites of “columns” and each column has 1-* entites of “entries”(fig1). With that I can display a table of my data (fig2). Now I want to add to each column a entry which can save a string, how do I do that? I created a page which displays every column, but fail to implement a text box to add an entity of “entries” (fig3).   Any help is appreciated!
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Hi Marcel,

if i understood you correct I would do it as follows:

- Add a data view or list view for the columns entity

- Within the data view or list view, add a data view or list view for the entries entity. This nested view will display the entries associated with each column

- Inside the nested data view or list view for entries, add a text box widget to capture the string value. Bind the text box widget to the appropriate attribute of the entries entity

- If you want to allow users to add multiple entries for each column, you can include a button or link that triggers an action to create a new entries entity and associate it with the corresponding column