Splitting App into Two Apps

I'm experiencing issues with my application, which consists of approximately 200 entities and runs on the Basic Edition. The app has been crashing 1-2 times a day. Following consultation with the Mendix Technical Support Team, they recommended splitting the app into two or possibly three smaller applications and using DataHub for any shared entities.   The application can be easily divided, with about 120 entities for Project Management and around 80 entities for Service. Additionally, there are roughly 10 entities that each app requires from the other.   While I initially thought the process would be straightforward, I've discovered that I need to be cautious about how I publish and consume entities from each app. I believe I can work around these challenges, but I've encountered an issue where it seems that a 1-to-1 relationship between a local entity and an external entity is not possible.   I would appreciate any suggestions for workarounds to this limitation, as well as any potential issues I should be aware of or guidance on the easiest way to achieve my goal. Thank you for your help!
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