Trying to get GIT commits via Postman

hello,   I want to retrieve alle commits in an Mendix app. It is possible to data via[App ID]/branches/trunk/commits?limit=100 for example in postman.   But i want more info and tried another way to get more data via the team server url I've tried to get commits via postman via[App ID].git/[unknown] (I use basic authentication with username = your e-mail adres and password = a PAT, that looks alright)   But I cannot find the right url and get "You're not allowed to perform this request.” Do anyone knows wat url parameters can be used?  
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Just tested and works fine on my end. Didn't set up (Basic) Auth via the Authorization tab of the request, but rather by adding the Authorization header with value MxToken YourPAT


For reference, this is my URL<APPID>/branches/main/commits


Note that the mainline is actually called ‘main’ and not ‘trunk’