How dropdown value should come automatically based on first selected dropdown value

Hi all, I have two entities and I have done proper association between them. My question here is If I select the country NL in one drop down value then in second drop-down values that is city ‘Amsterdam’ should automatically comes. Now its showing amsterdam when I click on city dropdown. But I want city value should automatically visible. How can I do this please guide me. Thanks in advance
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Hi Priyanka,

What you can do is, you can use the ‘Constraint by ’ feature in the reference selector, or you can visit my blog, by clicking on the link below,

where I explained how to set interdependencies between the dropdowns,

Now, on the refresh of the page, you can check in the City dropdown, whether the country is chosen or not,

if the country is chosen, then you can set the City and show it to the User,


Let me know, if you have any issues,

Hope it helps!