Duplicate entries issue

In our application we are doing daily bookings and we can do the future bookings for next two weeks but from march month we’ve a scenario where days are getting duplicated for some of the users and if users book one of them then it doesn't affect the count of other entry. We have a scheduled task which creates the dates and runs on daily basis at 1 AM UTC timing so can this scenario be because of daylight saving?   If it's due to daylight saving is there any solution for this? Thank you!
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There isn't really enough info here to figure out what exactly the issue is, but my recommendation would be to do some debugging.


If you want to test things as a specific user, you could use the “ExecuteMicroflowAsUser” java action from the community commons. Walking through your microflows step by step and looking at the variables window to see the current values of each of your objects and variables. This should help you pinpoint the issue and see where duplicates are created.