Set Google Authenticator to change Technical Contact of Mendix project

Currently, I’m the Technical Contact for one of the Mendix Project and I wanted to change Technical Contact to some other developer. So while doing that I followed path Environments → Permissions but after clicking on change technical contact its asking me to enter google authenticator code.    On my phone’s google authenticator I’m not getting any code. So what to do to add my Mendix account in this Google Authenticator so that I will get the code and change the Technical Contact.   Thanks In Advance!
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Hi Shubham,

Since it is asking you to enter code , you might have configured this perviously but the account is not available in your mobile.

To fix this , raise a support ticket to Mendix by asking them to reset Google Authenticator for your account




Hi Shubham,

You can refer to this link, to know more about the two factor authentication thing


Hope it helps