Saving Config String for DataGrid2

Hy, I’m trying to save the Config of my DataGrid2 into a Config string. I have a separate Entity with an unlimited String, where the config is goind to be saved. I have a DataView which contains that Object and in that DataView i have a DataGrid2 where the configs are going to be set. In that DataGrid in the Personalization Tab I have the Configuration Attribute set to the unlimited string of the ConfigObject and have the OnChange action set to “Save Changes”. Sadly this is not working and the save event is not getting triggered when I’m setting a filter in the DataGrid2. If someone has any inputs what I’m doing wrong I would highly appreciate it. Best Regards Hannes
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Hi Hannes,


Have a look at the related question with answers here?:

there are well written accepted answers to this. You probably already found the documentation: