Remove App from Studio Pro Select App startup screen

I downloaded and imported an app package for the Engaging UX course. Unfortunately I am running the latest version of Studio Pro so it would not load. I am not going to install another version of Studio Pro. So I wanted to remove the app from the startup selection. I can not see a way to delete it via that screen. So, perhaps with misplaced optimism, I deleted the app from the file system. Restarted Studi Pro and app is still in list. So how can I remove it from the list? Regards, john
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Hi John Norris,

If I understood well, you want to revert the module download.
Have you already commited this change?

If you didn’t commit yet, we can revert changes (to the version of the last commit made, you will lose all the changes you made after the last commit).

Please let me know if this was a solution for your issue 


I don’t know if I understand the question correctly, but usually when you open Studio Pro and you select an app from the list with a different version it shows you the next message:

If you hit cancel then the next message will be:

Then you select Yes and the project will be removed from your list.

The second option for you will be, you can go to the Mendix folder in your file system, look for the folder of the app in particular, delete it manually and then in Studio Pro try to open the app from the list, you will get the next message:

If you hit OK the next message will be:

And if you hit Yest then the project will be removed from your list.

Let me know if that helps.