What values to put exactly into SharedAccessSignature and BlobEndpoint for Azure Storage Account?

I have issues with connecting an Azure Storage Account with my Mendix App by using Shared Access Keys. The documentation metions: com.mendix.storage.azure.SharedAccessSignature Provides delegated access to resources in your storage account. For more information, see Shared Access Signature on docs.microsoft.com. com.mendix.storage.azure.BlobEndpointSet the blob endpoint. This setting is required when authentication by SharedAccessSignature is used.   Sadly for me it is not really clear what to put in there. Should the BlobEndpont have the protocoll (http / https) added as well? What is meant by “SharedAccessSignature” – the connection string (that also contains the BlobEndpoint), only the SAS token? I tried many different values but nothing seems to work.
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