Should Mendix adhere to Use your own tool?

After receiving an email from Mendix about new great stuff, I noticed the url: Wordpress? Earlier I noticed that Mendix uses zendesk for asking a review after closing a support ticket. And checking that is no Mendix-site! Wtf? Wondering if I am the only one thinking ‘practice what you preach’ and ‘eatwhatyoukill’. Should Mendix not go all the way an use their platform for as much as they can? Of course, Mendix is a platform, and not by itself a software supplier and there are use cases where you want to use existing applications, with proven performance, security and robustness over built-from-scratch Mendix app. But things like a normal simpel web site, and a simpel review. What are your opinions. Should Mendix use their own platform more extensively?
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In my opinion they are using their own platform extensively. Forum, marketplace, project management, cloud etc all is Mendix.

Regarding the website: Mendix is web-based, but not a website. In regards to SEO and content updates etc its better to use a tool as WP to publish webpages instead of an app.

Having said that: our website is a Mendix app though ;-)