Hitting the browsers Back button

I’m new to mendix so I’ve been looking through tons of mendix forum posts. When ever I hit the back button (I’m using Chrome), I get stuck in somewhat of a loop and have to use the back button drop down to navigate to the previous page. Any plans to get that fixed?   UPDATE: Looks like something changed as I no longer experience this 9/10 times. BTW this was the mendix forum site, not a mendix app...
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Have you tried debugging your app to understand where the loop is?

- IMHO, this does not seem to be platform issue, if so lot of people would have complained about it

- So, either there could be a widget that is tracking the Browser back button behavior and some custom logic written is looping

- Or something weird is happening in the application which you can first debug from your side

- If you are sure, that it is a platform issue, you can file a bug to Mendix Support with scenario’s