Run the first demo script failed

Hi Mendix experts: I followed the guide as But seems I cannot create the demo app, could anyone help on this? ==================message========================================================== Creating new project with name NewApp-1639467168356 for user Project creation for user underway with job id: 969c36cc-40df-4a39-883a-ad20af29d2e6... Something went wrong: Unable to create NewApp-1639467168356 app because of an internal error. ==================demo code ==========================================================     const project = await client.platform().createNewApp(`NewApp-${}`); ==================message========================================================== I drill down the code, in the mendix-platform-sdk.js Line 244 The state is “failed”, can I get more details log that I can know why createNewApp failed? Thanks.
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Check out the content in the next line of ‘response.entity.errorMessage’