JUnit-Testing: Setup and Teardown

Hi, from the Unit-Testing-Module:   “It is possible to create a “Setup” and “TearDown” microflow per module. The “Setup” microflow is invoked once before each test run, and the “TearDown” microflow is invoked once after each test run (regardless of whether the test run consists of one or multiple unit tests).”   How is this meant? Is the intetion, that I am supposed to build a special microflow or something similiar? If yes, how? Or is there a reusable compoment from the module? Does the Unit-Testing-Module scan for the naming “Setup” and “TearDown”?    Thanks in advance!  
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Hi Tjark,

just tested this: Yes, you can simply create microflows called Setup and TearDown, both will be called by the module automatically when executing one or multiple testcases. You can create these microflows per module to prepare the necessary Setup for your tests. After the tests have finished, you can then remove the Setup in the TearDown microflow.