challenges and limitations of mendix

Can you please tell me some challenges and limitations of mendix
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List View can’t have headers but has on-click functionality, thus we can’t sort only certain columns (like clicking the header and the columns below automatically sort ascendingly/descendingly).

Data Grid has headers but has no on-click functionality (so if I want to show a customer details in a pop-up by clicking the customer’s name on the table, I can’t).

What if I need both headers and on-click functionality? I think this is one of the limitations of Mendix that I find most frustrating.


No support for No Sql Database like

  1. MongoDB
    1. Cassandra
    2. ElasticSearch
    3. Amazon DynamoDB
    4. HBase




You have asked a very open ended question. Kindly explain the context of your question so that we can provide more meaningful answer. However, if you ask at a broad level, Mendix has a lot of strong features, which enable the faster and collaborative development with minimal coding skills. It definitely has a lot of areas of development and just from my personal perspective< i would say:

  1. Incorporating the features of SQL 
  2. Handling and exchange of variables across the flow
  3. Default UI Widgets are quite limiting and need customizations
  4. Charts and Reporting widgets lack interactive, drill down or realtime customizations by users


The above are just an example. 


Adding to Shekhar:

  • Handling entities with over 500.000 objects and one or more associations and still maintain well-performing pages and reports.
  • To commit or not commit and prevent autocommit removing your leftovers.