Close window button issue

Hi, I want to create a Request with one Data and also need to add multiple Sample into it. Below is the domain module screenshot: Created Request overview page.   I want to call below page as shown in screenshot: I removed New button from RequestOverview page and created new action button with same name “New” and called microflow to call above page as shown in below screenshot:Note: Created Data object to pass into Request otherwise it shows non editable Data attribute After calling New Request page, I want to add multiple sample by using add Sample button so it will call below page as a pop-up page:Note Note: Add button just calling microflow to created Sample object and associating with Request object.   After running this application   This is the issue so how can I solve this? (if I commit the Request object then it working fine but I don’t want to commit now I want to add more info and at the end I want to commit Request object or I may cancel also so can’t commit at beginning. Also If I give Close Page button on Sample Data page then it working good means closed the page and show request data but when close using pop-up windows close then it shows request page like non editable with zero contents) How can I solve this issue?  
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Hi Samarth,

For better clarity to fix this issue, please find the below screenshot,

Your popup page will have the property named ‘Close Action’, By default it will be cancel changes. You can create an invisible(set class ‘hide’) action button in your popup page with close page action, and map that close page action button function to ‘Close action’ property.



If you click on the cross it will trigger the default functionality of a cancel button. A default cancel button does a rollback on the page object. So the cross will rollback the request object. The request object has not yet been commited so it will be deleted. You can add a close button and in de page properties you can set the close action to the close button. If I'm correct it will not rollback. If it does rollback you have to make a microflow that closes the page.