How to get column name in XMLData ?

Hi, I followed mendix docs to export XML document,Caption%2C%20enter%20Export%20as%20XML but in that XML I want column name also for displaying on table. I’m not aware about XML and able to get data but not with column name, Can anyone help me how to get column name also with the help of XML Schema ? 
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The column names are already in the xml: CustomerID, Name, Address etc.

If your question is about having the language specific titles that are visible in your datagrid, that is not usual in XML exports. If that is what you need, maybe the export to csv or excel is more suited to your needs? These exports do this automatically without the need to do any mapping.

If you really need that tags “CustomerID” etc modified, i guess you need to modify them in your xsd file before setting up the mapping. But i am not sure about that.