Listview No Items Found Message

Is it possible to change the ‘no items found’ message that appears in list views if the list has no items? OR, is it possible to interrogate the $currentObject to see if it is has no items?
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I have something like this in a .scss file. Change the content part and add class custom-empty-label to your listview:

.mx-listview.custom-empty-label { {
		margin-top: 10px;
		padding: 4px;
		> label {
			display: none;
	} {
		content: "I wish to say something different"


Or, if you fill the listview by association, you could use a visibility constraint like “$currentObject/Object_AssociatedObject != empty”.

Also as Sjors mentioned the default message can be edited in Project > System texts > Listview , but then it goes in all empty listviews.


Hi Russell,

Through Project > System texts > Listview there's an option to change the text:

It's not possible to use $currentobject by default to determine if listview should be shown or not. This would require extra logic and a boolean on your currentobject when saving it.

An extra possibillity which I often use is with CSS (SCSS) because the listview does get an extra ‘empty’ class  and use display:none;  to hide it.