Creating new app

I want to create a new application in mendix. My requirement is like I have 4 modules in application. Now out of 4 modules my 3 modules I am designing for Web Responsive View and 1 module for Mobile View.  Within Mobile view module I want many mobile features that are available in “Native Mobile Quickstart” and in other remaining module I want create web pages.  Which starter app can I use either Blank app or Native Mobile Quickstart app? If Blank app then I need to put more extra efforts for mobile features or If Native Mobile Ouickstarter app then can I create web responsive pages like we create in blank app or regular app? Help me to select best starter app for my application?
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The native mobile quickstart is probably the easiest place to start, and yes, you can include responsive pages in there. In fact, the quickstart app includes a blank responsive home page already.


You could really start anywhere, but there are a few items in the native quickstart that are easier to start with than to have to migrate into your app later.