Filter a list view based off a selection in another list view.

There would be 3 columns of a layout grid each with their own entity [Sites][Areas][Lines] and they are a one-to-many relationship in the domain model like this( [Sites] <--1-----*--[Areas]<--1-----*--[Lines] ) I have got it to look like this(without the filter)…     and in the end I would like it to look similar to this... styling does not matter right now, but if you have suggestions that would be great as well.
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I think this is what you want: demo

So with a data model like this:

Set up your page like this:

The data views in columns 2 and 3 should be listening to the selection of the list view to its left.


You are looking for the constrained by function. See the documentation here:

Do note that it will work with three reference selectors.

Otherwise you need datasource microflows that filter the content based on the selection of the previous column.

Use a dataview that listens to the first column so you can use that as parameter for the datasource microflow.