How often do profile badges update?

Is there a once a week run of the profile badges for some of them? I noticed that for the App Store review badge it was instantly displayed on my profile, but badges like “Getting Started” and “Learning the Basics Completed the Become a Rapid Developer learning path” have not shown up. In particular this means that the challenge “Knowledge is Power Complete a learning path” is not being completed despite me having completed a few of the learning paths.
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I don’t know which technology they are using to keep the data synchronized but it seems like it’s down from time to time or events are not processed. If that happens, it takes longer. Usually it should only take up to a few minutes to have it refreshed but sometimes they have technical issues and it takes days.

I also have the feeling that not all actions cause an imediate data sync. Maybe to save some traffic and load, maybe it was just missed.