Creating a toolbox in Mendix to set individual goals (SMART) aligned with team goals.

Hi There, First week of developing an HR-app for me, so I'm a bit struggling with Mendix. Let me explain briefly: I'm developing an app, in which employees need to set their own goals that are ‘somehow’ aligned with the team goals. The goal is that the individual goals need to be written down in a SMART-way.  I've set up a page with a snippet in which the manager can add both the already existing Team goals, but also the How, Resources, Time, and Outcome. My goal is to set up a pop-up page, where the manager can select the best options of How's, Resources, Times, and Outcomes that are already aligned with the team goal. So when an individual needs to develop their own goals, they already see the proposed options that are aligned with the team goal. I'm now struggling with microflows, but maybe someone has a smart-simple solution. Some pictures, to make it more clear: These are the eventual wireframes, in how employees can see their Team goals and in the following pages they can see the How's, resources etc… So they make their own (SMART) goal by just clicking further, to the next page.   Kind Regards,   Gijs van der Linden
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