Nanoflow getting wrong input parameter

Below is my page configuration A Dataview (dataview1) that listens to a Listview (listview1). Listview (listview2) inside the dataview1. Datasource of listview2 is nanoflow   Nanoflow should get the selected item of the listview1. I am having some weird issue that nanoflow is always getting the first item of the listview1. I can see dataview displays correct selected value but nanoflow used as datasource of listview inside that dataview gets wrong value. Any idea what is wrong here?
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seems like due to a delay.

When opening a page with a listening dataview to a listvie, the first object of the listview will be selected and displayed in the dataview. This will trigger the nanoflow to retrieve the list for the listview.

My guestimation is that when selecting another object in the first listview, the refresh and (re)trigger of the nanoflow doesn't execute as it should. I would file a bug report


Next to that; why do you need custom logic to retrieve a list? I try to avoid datsource micro/nanoflows as much as possible. if the retrieve/dependencies of the list is to complex, a microflow would be better, you need to connect with the database in any case, thus clientside logic is not what you need.